Getting your grill ready for a backyard barbecue

Getting your grill ready for a backyard barbecue


Fall is quickly approaching—and with record summer temperatures this year, Texans are looking forward to a break in the heat and being able to enjoy a few months of comfortable outdoor weather.

Now is the time to grill. We’ll have cooler nights, crisper air, and a variety of freshly harvested fall foods, like “Hatch chilies, potatoes, all sorts of squashes and tomatillos, not to mention apples and pears.” The possibilities are endless, so if you haven’t fired up your grill in a few months, it’s time to do an inspection, get it clean, and get to grilling!


If you haven’t used your grill in a while, you should give it a good inspection prior to use:

– Look for rust, especially if the grill has been exposed to the elements.

– Carefully check for pests: wasps can make large nests quickly.

– For gas grills, inspect the gas lines and connections. You can run a soapy water test to look for gas leaks.

– Make sure you have clean, usable tools and a full propane tank—or fresh charcoal, matches, and lighter fluid.


Gas grills are going to have more parts to clean than charcoal grills, but both kinds need to be thoroughly cleaned. You want to remove debris from gas grills and ashes from charcoal grills.

For your grill’s exterior, soap and water works on almost any kind of grill. You also want to clean the grates by heating them and then brushing off the remaining ash. One trick is to use a cut onion and rub it over your pre-heated grates (use tongs or a grill fork to avoid getting burned!)—since this will help remove built-up gunk easily.

Taking the time to properly clean your grill will not only make your food taste better, but it will also prevent bacteria growth and rust, and make cooking much easier.

If you’ve waited until now to grill, you’re not alone. We are approaching what is arguably the best season for outdoor grilling. So whether you want to quickly grill a few steaks or slow roast a brisket all day, fire up that grill and enjoy a few months of perfect grilling weather.