Electric scooters in Dallas: what you need to know

Electric scooters in Dallas: what you need to know


As we shift into the latter half of the six-month trial period of public electric scooter rentals in Dallas, it’s important to stay up to date on the recent operating laws, emerging news, and best-use practices.

Why scooters?

With about 1000 electric rental scooters available between them, two scooter businesses—Lime and Bird—have made a real impact on the streets of Dallas. Bird’s scooters can reach speeds of up to 15 mph—pretty fast for such a small vehicle! The scooters are a good option for commuting distances that are too long to walk but too short to drive.

Lime’s scooters have been tested to last 20 miles on a full charge, and both companies include GPS devices in each scooter to easily track locations and ensure any discarded scooters are placed within designated racks by the next morning.

Starting at $1 per ride, with an additional fee of 15 cents per minute—paid via smartphone app—the scooters are affordable for occasional commutes and recreational use.

What you need to know

As short-distance commuting increasingly becomes a part of everyday travel, safety becomes a huge concern. It’s critical for everyone to be familiar with the relevant laws and safety guidelines around these public scooter rentals:

– You must be at least 18 years old—and ride solo every time.

– Each rider must have a valid driver’s license.

– Before riding, you must consent to safety agreements registered through the smartphone app.

– Riders must wear a helmet while using the scooters.

– Sidewalks are off limits: use roads and bike lanes only (violating this rule can get you ticketed in some areas).

Carefully park your scooter after use, so as not to get in the way of wheelchair users or take up too much space on sidewalks.

– Lastly, you’ll have to submit a picture of your parking job through the app for verification purposes.

The emergence of electric scooters—and their widespread use on the streets of Dallas—demonstrates how public transportation is essential for everyday life. While driving any vehicle carries the potential for injury, proper scooter awareness and precautions will keep everyone safe, both on and off the road.