4 last-minute pumpkin carving ideas

4 last-minute pumpkin carving ideas

Tomorrow is Halloween, and getting into the spooky spirit is fun for everyone! If you’re looking for a last-minute pumpkin carving idea, read on…

Cannibal pumpkin

Spruce up a traditional jack-o’-lantern by making him a cannibal! Get some mini gourds and place them inside the jack-o’-lantern’s mouth, with “bite marks” visible on them as well for an extra-creepy factor.

Or save up the seeds and goop from the inside of the pumpkin and arrange it so it’s spewing from his mouth.

Scary props

You don’t have to be an expert carver to make your pumpkin look scary—just make use of some good props! You can stick large screws into your jack-o’-lantern for a Frankenstein’s monster look (with some green paint, too), or add some fake blood for a bone-chilling effect.

For a twist on the cannibal pumpkin idea, you could even create fake human body parts like an arm or leg and place them so they’re hanging out of the jack-o’-lantern’s mouth. Dollar stores often have great props for very affordable prices.

Twist on old favorites

Instead of carving a traditional face, try putting a new spin on it—like a cat with whiskers, a one-eyed alien, or even an emoji!

For the easiest approach, draft your design on a piece of paper first, and then attach it to your pumpkin with tape. Use a sharp tool to poke holes along the lines of your design right through to the pumpkin, and then you can remove the paper and use the holes to make your final cuts… just like connect-the-dots.

Simple words and text

If you just want to do something fast and easy, carve a word like “BOO” into your pumpkin. You can even carve one letter per pumpkin and lay them next to each other to form a longer word.

Get the kids to help out, and you can enjoy a fun family activity before going out trick-or-treating!

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