5 tips for taking care of your jewelry

5 tips for taking care of your jewelry


The end of the year is the perfect time to take stock of your valuables, especially jewelry. Perhaps you’ve added items to your collection or received a family heirloom during the holidays. You’ll want to keep everything safe and in great condition for years to come!

Not only is it a good idea to keep an updated inventory for insurance purposes, but jewelry in particular may need some upkeep and special handling. Here are five tips for taking care of your jewelry for the long term.

1. Store your jewelry items carefully.

To avoid damage, always store your jewelry in a dry place and keep items separate from each other – never toss rings and necklaces together! This can cause scratches and tangling. Silver items can also tarnish fairly easily, so if you’re putting them in storage over the long term, give them a good cleaning first. Extremely high-value or sentimental items may be best stored in a home safe or safe deposit box.

2. Clean jewelry properly.

A good rule of thumb for cleaning jewelry is never to use abrasives or a lot of heat. Warm water, dish soap, and a smooth cloth or very soft toothbrush should suffice. Some stones like opals shouldn’t get wet, so be sure to research how to clean unusual or fragile items. You can even take your jewelry to a store for a quick professional cleaning – often free of charge!

3. Be organized.

Always know what you have. This means keeping paperwork like appraisals and receipts in a safe place and updating your inventory regularly. Another good practice is to store your jewelry in a way that you can see every item at a glance.

4. Update old appraisals.

If your jewelry item was appraised more than five to ten years ago, we highly recommend updating your appraisal. Often the value of gold or certain gemstones will have increased over the years, so it can serve you well to keep your information up to date.

5. Get insured!

Make sure to have your jewelry items specifically included in your insurance coverage. If the worst-case scenario happens and your jewelry is lost or stolen, you’ll at least be able to replace items that are insured. At Jett Insurance, we offer comprehensive jewelry coverage that insures against theft, misplacement, and damage for your peace of mind.