How to decorate without losing your security deposit

How to decorate without losing your security deposit


There’s no place like home. . . but when you’re living in an apartment or other rental home, it can be hard to make it feel that way without risking your security deposit!

Fortunately, there are still plenty of ways to spruce up an apartment and get that deposit check when you eventually move out.

Study your lease

The easiest way to figure out what you can and cannot do is to read your lease agreement. Think of this as your decorative bill of rights and find what your limits are.

If there’s any unclear wording on some of the stipulations, consult your leasing office. When it comes to making sure you get your deposit back, it’s definitely better to ask for permission rather than forgiveness.

Get creative with wall art

Nowadays, you can actually get high-quality adhesives that won’t pull out chunks of your wall. Use these options to your advantage when it comes to hanging picture frames, key racks, or small canvas pieces that don’t exceed the adhesive weight limits.

Another option is to go with wall decals that can be easily peeled off when you’re ready to move out.

Let there be light

Many rental places will lack optimal lighting for every room. A simple fix is to find a standing lamp that meshes with your decor to brighten the room.

If you don’t have room for a standing lamp, adding a small table lamp or wall-mounted lamp can go a long way.

Don’t forget the floor!

Having something to cover a bare floor can really put a final touch on a room and tie things together. There are endless design options, from earth tones to bright polka dots and geometric shapes.

In addition to the aesthetics, rugs tend to be inexpensive and can even save you from accidentally damaging your floor with a spill. After all, red wine may ruin a rug, but replacing the rug is much easier and cheaper than replacing carpet.

If you’re one of the lucky among us who don’t have to worry about a security deposit, check out our previous post outlining five wallet-friendly cosmetic updates you can make to spruce up your home.