Internet safety tips for kids

Internet safety tips for kids

The internet is a great tool for kids: they can get help with their schoolwork, keep up with friends and family, and research new topics on their own.

But surfing the net has real risks too, including cyberbullying, adult-only content, and online predators.

Review the tips below for how kids can keep themselves safer online—and make sure your child is familiar with them as well!

How kids can stay safe

Avoid giving out personal information online without a parent or legal guardian’s permission. Sensitive information, like a phone number or street address, are examples of things you should keep to yourself.

Don’t agree to meet with someone you met online. If someone online is asking to meet in person, tell your parents or a caregiver immediately.

– Before posting any pictures of yourself online, make sure to let parents know first.

Always treat other people online with kindness. Don’t join discussions about another person’s private problems.

Never give out passwords to your online accounts to friends or anyone you meet online.

Follow family guidelines and the rules set by your internet service provider. By using the internet, you’re agreeing to act responsibly with it!

– When using social media, make sure the privacy settings are active on your account. Ask an adult for help if needed.

Don’t respond to malicious messages, even if they’re about you or another person. Tell your parents or a caregiver if you find a message like this.

– Remember that these internet safety tips apply to using cell phones, too. Follow the above guidelines whenever you’re using an internet-connected device—including when playing multiplayer games.


Basic recommendations for parent supervision

Spend time online as a family to more easily teach appropriate internet behavior.

Bookmark your kids’ favorite websites for quick access.

Keep track of your credit card and phone bills for odd activity.

Keep computers in a central area for common use, not in separate bedrooms.